DIY Recipe Sugar Scrub

Who doesn’t love the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin? Make the most of your time in quarantine with this DIY sugar scrub recipe and indulge your self-care routine!

First, decide if you’re making this scrub for your face, body, or both. Depending on where you want to exfoliate will determine the type of sugar you purchase. Coarse sugar is good for the body, while fine sugar is better for the face. If you want to use this scrub for face and body, go with the fine sugar option.

Second, decide what oil you want to use. Coconut oil is an excellent hydration choice for the skin. You can choose virgin coconut oil which will retain the coconut scent, or filtered coconut oil which will be scentless. Depending on what essential oils you add to your scrub, you might want to choose the scentless option if say, you were using lavender or lemon oil.


Use a 2:1 ratio of sugar and oil, then add your favorite essential oils or flavor (only if you want it to be scented).
  • ½ cup organic virgin coconut oil, in solid form
  • ¾ to 1 cup of organic fine brown sugar
  • 10 drops of vanilla extract
  • Sealed container for storage


  1. Place coconut oil in a stand mixer. Using the whisk attachment, whip for 10 minutes on medium speed.
  2. Add the brown sugar and 10 drops of vanilla extract and continue to blend with the whisk until everything is blended together.
  3. Remove from the stand mixed and place in your sealed container.


  • We prefer glass lid and mason jars for storage that add that a pretty home-made touch.
  • Make sure your brown sugar is fresh.
  • As long as your container is sealed, your scrub will not expire.
*As always, when trying something new be sure to test on a small patch of skin first.