Day designer 5x8 daily monthly planner for blue sky in black and white stripes
2021 Daily Planner Navy Stripe 5 x 8 by Day Designer
January 2021 to december 2021 daily planner for blue sky from day designer with pink accents, white background, and monthly 2021 view
Daily view on this day designer 2021 january daily monthly planner featuring notes section, one hour time periods, and goals
January to December yearly calendar overview for both 2021 and 2022  on a 5 x 8 daily monthly planner  by day designer for blue sky
gold twin-wire O binding on this 5x8 daily monthly planner with black and white stripes and thick hardcover.

2021 Daily Planner Navy Stripe 5 x 8 by Day Designer
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Enlist the help of a smaller-sized 2021 daily planner from Day Designer to plan hourly, prioritize, and budget so you can make time for what matters most.

  • Item Number: 103623-21
  • Year: 2021
  • Format: Daily Monthly
  • Binding: Twin-Wire Binding
  • Design: Navy Stripe
  • Cover: Frosted
  • Page Size: 5 x 8

It’s the perfect time to reinvest in our daily schedules and get the most out of every moment. We can start by planning in a quintessential daily planner from Day Designer for Blue Sky to help you live a well-designed life. The Day Designer planning system explains that by establishing yearly goals, monthly actions, weekly routines, and daily habits, you can transform the life you have into the life you want. Each page of this Day Designer planner brings you one day closer to achieving the goals you set.

Inside one of the best daily planners, you find that each day’s page offers a column for hourly scheduling and a separate checklist column for daily to-do items. Goal setters can also list priorities in the Today’s Top Three section, along with daily need-to-know reminders in the Due, Dinner, Dollars (for budgeting), and Don’t Forget sections. There’s also ample writing space in the Notes section and a dose of Daily Gratitude, because writing down what you’re thankful for each day calms the mind and reduces anxiety.

Monthly calendars in this yearly planner are marked by laminated tabs for easy access. Blocks are unlined for generous writing space and all major holidays are marked.

On the outside, it’s everything you want from a day planner. The frosted, extra-durable cover featuring the timeless Navy Stripe print, is built to last a year’s worth of everyday use. Twin-wire binding ensures your organizer lays flat, but also makes this daily planner light and easy to use. No matter what 2021 has in store for you, note it in a Day Designer daily planner and live a well-designed life. This Day Designer planner is dated January 2021 – December 2021 and includes bonus months, so you can get a head start!