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Explore the color infused world of Ampersand. Learn more about the designers and the inspiration for their collection of exclusive and premium Blue Sky 2019-20 planners.

“Long before we began our partnership with Blue Sky, we were planner-girls. The two of us have a strong appreciation for a well-organized and nicely designed paper planner, so when we began to partner with Blue Sky, it felt as if it was meant to be. The idea that we can combine our artwork with simple, well-designed calendar pages to provide others with a way to express their own personal style is a bit of a dream come true!” – Morgan & Carrie

About the Designer: Ampersand

This season, the premium collection for Blue Sky was inspired by returning to some of our favorite mediums. We wanted to combine painterly marks, hand lettering and a refreshing color palette including teal and blush pink. The textures and hand of the artist coming through in each piece of art and palette, reminds us of our travels together in Europe and how important it is to step away from the computer and find an adventure. We find inspiration literally everywhere we go – from the ceiling of a favorite restaurant to an accidental color palette from painted buildings next to each other.

Together, Morgan Georgie & Carrie Kiefer, make up the wildly fun Kansas City-based art and design partnership, Ampersand Design Studio. Carrie & Morgan’s combined style is modern, artful and always colorful! It’s life in the Midwest, their kids’ imaginations and their own long-time friendship that inspire Ampersand’s unique designs. Ampersand is where color and pattern come to play, so come join the party!

Exclusive Ampersand Planner Features

Our Ampersand planners come in four sizes and two formats, monthly weekly and monthly daily. Regardless of size, all of them come with our reliable reference calendars and customer favorite features now in NEW premium finishes!


The Ampersand for Blue Sky Collection includes 2019-2020 planners with monthly weekly and monthly daily layouts. All of our monthly spreads are marked with laminated tabs and have reference calendars to review the past and future months.


With all 2019-2020 Ampersand designer planners, enjoy unique add-ons such as our snap-in ruler bookmark to flip to your current week quickly.


Find important pages fast with three magnetic bookmarks that coordinate with every Ampersand planner design.

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