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Explore the whimsical world of Dabney Lee for Blue Sky. Learn more about the designer and her inspiration for her collection of exclusive and premium Blue Sky 2019 planners.

“Working with Blue Sky has been a dream both professionally and personally. They have the best eye for design and trend and, as one may expect, the process of collaborating with Blue Sky is always organized. As a working mom with triplets, I never go a day without using my Blue Sky Planner.” – Dabney Lee

About the Designer: Dabney Lee

As with all of our Dabney Lee for Blue Sky collections, I look to make every day brighter and design a planner for everyone. The RY19 collection features lush banana leaves to brighten your day, wild cheetah for the young at heart, and an always classic (but bold) geometric print. I’m most inspired by my grandmother’s impeccable classic style and growing up in southern California. I create designs that are happy, sunny and preppy with a modern-day twist, preferring navy to black, Lucite to wood, and a handwritten note to a typed one any day.

Dabney Lee is a lifestyle brand and design studio dedicated to elevating the look of everyday products with bold patterns, cheeky type and pops of vibrant color. Founder and designer Dabney Lee launched the company in 2004 with the intent to bring her just-wanna-have-fun attitude and aesthetic to the world of stationery and gifts, making every day a reason to celebrate.

Exclusive Dabney Lee Planner Features

Our Dabney Lee planners come in four sizes and two formats, monthly weekly and monthly daily. Regardless of size, all of them come with our reliable reference calendars and customer favorite features now in NEW premium finishes!


The Dabney Lee for Blue Sky collection includes 2019 planners with monthly weekly, and monthly daily layouts. All of our monthly spreads are marked with laminated tabs and have reference calendars to review the past and future months.


Flip to your current week quickly! Enjoy unique add-ons such as our snap-In ruler bookmark with all of our Dabney Lee designer planners.


Find important pages fast with three magnetic bookmarks that coordinate with every Dabney Lee planner design.

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