Designer-Kelly Ventura AY19-20

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Welcome to Kelly Ventura

Explore the lush world of Kelly Ventura for Blue Sky. Learn more about the designer and her inspiration for the collection of exclusive and premium Blue Sky 2019-20 academic planners.

“Modern, fresh and full of color are a few things that come to mind when I think of Blue Sky and I couldn't be happier about our product collaboration! The team has been so welcoming and positive during the development I'm excited to share the full collection with the world!” – Kelly

About the Designer: Kelly Ventura

Typically, I choose to work at a very large scale to keep the movement of my brush strokes fluid. I am consistently inspired by the everyday – objects, conversations and surroundings. I find joy in bringing these bits to life with my modern approach and style. The patterns for my 2019-20 planner collection were inspired by the playful color and texture found in nature. Lush foliage in green and blue blossoms dance across the “Hillside” floral planner. Bright spring blooms make up the playful abstract floral of my “Scallops” design. “Current” is a beautiful watercolor cover made of soft, muted tones, and repetitive brushstrokes that reflect the tranquil surroundings and sounds you’d find at the shoreline.

Using fluid and free brushstrokes, vibrant color palettes and bold pattern choices, Michigan-based watercolor artist Kelly Ventura has developed a fresh approach to surface design. Launching her studio in 2012, Ventura has found great joy in the ability to transform her original watercolor paintings into modern patterns and breathe new life into everyday products.

Exclusive Kelly Ventura Planner Features

Our Kelly Ventura planners come in four sizes and two formats, monthly weekly and monthly daily. Regardless of size, all of them come with our reliable reference calendars and customer favorite features now in NEW premium finishes!


The Kelly Ventura for Blue Sky Collection includes 2019-2020 planners with monthly weekly, and monthly daily layouts. All of our monthly spreads are marked with laminated tabs and have reference calendars to review the past and future months.


Flip to your current week quickly! Enjoy unique add-ons such as a snap-in ruler bookmark with all of our Kelly Ventura designer planners.


Find important pages fast with three magnetic bookmarks that coordinate with every Kelly Ventura planner design