The Noteworthy 6-in-1 Planner

Hover over the bullet points and discover the six features of the Noteworthy planner that will streamline and simplify your life.

• 2019 Weekly Planner with premium laminated tabs for each month.

• Use your weekly to-do list to remember all the little things

• Weekly goal setting will help you track your progress.

• Dedicated notebook section at the back of your planner for easy notetaking

• Your Noteworthy Premium Planner doubles as an address book with contacts pages

• An extra pocket for storage to hold all those loose pages scattered on your desk

Why We Created the Perfect Professional Planner…

We created Noteworthy to simplify your life. How often do you find yourself taking a notebook AND a planner to meetings and events? The struggle is real, even here at the Blue Sky office. We decided if we were feeling weighed down, then surely our customers were too. Noteworthy solves that problem with its premium, professional, all-in-one planner system to keep your planner and notebook in one organized place.

This 2019 planner includes a monthly and weekly planning section with a weekly to do list, goal setting, and note taking. PLUS, an extra notebook section at the back of your planner that is marked with a bookmark-style top tab for easy accessibility. Additional contacts pages and a pocket for storage make Noteworthy your ultimate organizing tool. This lightweight planner is available in three sizes, with three premium, hard-cover, professional (and pretty) designs to choose from. Noteworthy aims to streamline your busy professional and personal plans, so you reach your goals and make time for fun!

Your days are full of Noteworthy moments... Life – Note It®

Discover Our Noteworthy Cover Design Inspirations

In a professional palate of classic and feminine neutrals, all of the Noteworthy Premium Planners have spiral-bound hardcovers in matte laminate finishes

Animal Splash

A classic black and white animal print pattern mixed with a soft blush color block makes this cover both on trend and perfectly professional.

Layered Brushstrokes

For the abstract art lover, this cover has painterly brushstrokes in a modern palate of pinks that is both feminine and professional.

Layered Stripes

A new twist on a classic black and white design gives this cover a stylized, professional look.

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Animal Splash
3 Sizes
Layered Brushstrokes
2 Sizes
Layered Stripes
3 Sizes

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