Personalized Add-Ons & Accessories

Meal Planner Add-On Pages


Start tracking your meals with our menu planning add-on pages. One week of meal planning per page, organized by breakfast, lunch, and dinner per day. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Shopping List Add-On Pages


Make grocery shopping a breeze with our shopping checklist add-on pages. Each page is divided into 6 sections for various food categories, a section for household products, and a section for “other” items with check boxes and lined writing space. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Budget Planner Add-On Pages


Get your finances on track with our budget planning pages. There are 12 pages for tracking your monthly budgeting, as well as savings tips, a savings goal tracker, a chart of best months to buy common household items, and 3 pages of lined notes. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Daily Schedule Add-On Pages


Create detailed days with our daily schedule pages. Each page includes 7am to 7pm time slots, as well as “Top Priorities,” to-do list, and notes. There are also 8 water glass icons at the bottom of the page to track your water consumption. 1 day per page. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Lined Notes Add-On Pages


Add extra lined notes to your planner or notebook for the perfect amount of lined writing space for your note-taking needs. Lined on the front and back of each page. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Grid Notes Add-On Pages


Add a set of grid notes to your planner or notebook, they are great for math equations and precise sketching. TIP: Create a Student Planner and add grid notes for your math homework. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Fitness Add-On Pages


Achieve your health and fitness goals with our fitness planning pages. This packet comes with 12, 2-page spreads for each month that include a monthly fitness plan, an exercise log, and daily water consumption. Complete your 12-month fitness journey with a page for reflection, as well as 3 pages of fun gold foil stickers to keep you motivated while you sweat it out. 29 pages / 16 sheets, equals 2 add-on selections.

Coloring Add-On Pages


Perfect for anyone who is a kid at heart, coloring has been found to reduce stress and anxiety. This set includes 10 different themed coloring pages from seasonal themes to sun flowers. 10 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Party Planning Add-On Pages


Organize your next party like a pro with our party planning checklist. The front page of this front and back checklist has checkbox and lined sections for decorations, activities, vendors, food, and to-dos. The back page of the checklist has a column for invitations, and a column for received gifts and sent thank you notes. 10 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Parent Planning Add-On Pages


Inspired by our new Parent Planner, we’ve adapted the “While We’re Out” booklet so you can build a personalized planner that’s the best of both worlds. The parent planning add-on packet comes with a page for birthdays and anniversaries, emergency contacts, medical information, evacuation plan, approved and unapproved activities and foods, and a take-out restaurant list. 20 pages / 10 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Party Planning Add-On Pages


Now you can keep track of your classes’ grades with these handy grading sheet add-on pages, that can be bound into your Personalized teacher planner. Each 2-page spread has a column for up to 31 student names, and 20 rows for assignments, color blocked for quick, at-a-glance referencing. Each set comes with 11 spreads and a page for notes. 24 pages / 12 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Party Planning Add-On Pages


Manage your projects and meet your deadlines with our project tracking pages. Each page has a section for ideas, project goals, action steps with status check boxes to track progress, and notes. Each add-on set has enough pages to manage 21 separate projects. 22 pages / 11 sheets, equals 1 add-on selection.

Party Planning Add-On Pages


We love our Good Vibes planner so much that we wanted to share it with our personalized fans! This sticker set features 12 illustrated sentiments in a square size to fit the monthly calendar spread of your personalized planner. Next comes a page of sentiment strips to fit your weekly spread, and then 3 pages of assorted stickers with reminders like pay day and girls night. 5 sheets in total with gold foil accents, equals 1 add-on selection.

Sticky Notes


Keep your sticky notes handy to make notes and mark your place with this snap-in accessory. These snap-in sticky notes come with 5 different colored note pads in 3 sizes for a variety of uses. Each pad has 30 sheets. 1 pad equals 3 add-on selections.

Note Pad


Write quick, short notes on this snap-in note pad, rather than tear a full sheet of note paper from your planner or notebook. Pad comes with 50 lined white sheets. 1 pad equals 3 add-on selections.

Snap-In Ruler


You can use this accessory for measuring, making straight lines, or marking your place in your planner or notebook. Made of clear plastic, the snap-in ruler is available in small and larger to fit your corresponding size selection. 1 ruler equals 1 add-on selection.



Decorate your days and months with this sticker pack, available in fashion colors. Write on these stickers and use in your planner or notebook as special reminders to yourself. 3 sheets equal 1 add-on selection.

Business Card Holder


Keep your business cards organized, and easily flip to them in the back of your planner or notebook. Made of clear, flexible plastic, available in 3 sizes: 5x8 has 4 slots; 7x9 has 5 slots; 8.5x11 has 8 slots. 1 holder equals 1 add-on selection.

Zip Pouch


Keep important papers safe in a clear, flexible zip pouch with a snap and seal closure. Available in 3 sizes to fit your planner or notebook. 1 pouch equals 2 add-on selections.

Zip Pouch


Store loose papers in one place with a clear, durable double-sided storage pocket - Our most popular add-on accessory. Available in 3 sizes to fit your planner or notebook. 1 pocket equals 1 add-on selection.

Recipe Cards


Create your own vintage inspired recipe box with this adorable recipe card set. One the front of the card are lines or ingredients and directions, with additional lines on the back for prep time and notes. The snap-in card has our iconic “Spoons” pattern printed on it, with a conversion table for common cooking measurements. 20 cardstock cards per pad. 1 pad equals 3 add-on selections.