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About the Designer: Plum Pretty Sugar

Plum Pretty Sugar is a fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Charlotte Hale over a decade ago. It is recognizable for its West Coast style, as well as its laid back, fresh and confident approach. The brand is rooted in its foundation as a leader in the multi-million-dollar bridal apparel category and has evolved into a fashion brand known for modern and feminine prints in apparel such as robes, dresses, tops and sleepwear. Plum Pretty Sugar’s refreshingly modern style is a perfect match for Blue Sky’s line of fashionable planners and dated goods.

Imagine light, moveable fabrics with a softness that translates in photos, printed with all forms of blooms. Now pair these prints with Blue Sky’s love for planning excellence and commitment to flexible planning formats. Pastels, neutrals and subtly bright hues that flatter every desk or office space are bursting from this collection. Plus, crafted with eco-friendly 50% post-consumer waste (PCW) paper and soy-based ink, this line is carefully constructed with values important to both brands. It’s safe to call this a match made in planner heaven.

“The Plum Pretty Sugar for Blue Sky pieces are crafted to create a successful day. Our Plum Pretty Sugar floral designs have adorned so many women on their wedding day and we are delighted to make them available on planners and notebooks.” – Charlotte Hale