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A Day in the Life of the Parent Planner...

You wake up before the sun – but who are you kidding? You haven’t slept in since the kids went to visit their grandparents last month. In spite of the early hour, you appreciate this quiet time every morning, making their lunches while you watch the sunrise. Don’t forget, your daughter has decided she hates mayonnaise. Mayonnaise… That reminds you – you’re out of eggs. You add it to the weekly grocery list in your mom planner. You flip to the daily view, what’s on the family to-do list for the day? The dog needs to be at the vet at 11am. The kids need to be picked up from school at 2pm. Soccer practice is from 3 to 4pm this afternoon. You find the monthly budget page and add soccer uniforms to the list of expenditures, so you remember to write the check. Looking down at your hands you wonder if you have time for a manicure today and pencil it into the hourly layout. You hear the house begin to stir and the pitter-patter of feet coming down the stairs. Another school day has just begun…

It takes a parent to understand a parent. Managing your family is a full-time job, which is why we developed a daily family planner. Specifically created to meet the needs of busy parents, Blue Sky’s premium Parent Planner combines the elements of a household binder and a 2019 daily planner. This 2019-20 academic planner has a July 2019 to June 2020 date range so you’re on the same schedule as your kid’s school year. Forget refrigerator notes and post-its, upgrade your organizational system to a planner that was designed for parents like you. You’ll never lose another note written on a loose piece of paper with multiple storage pockets in a durable, compact 6x9 size. So, whether you are running a single parent household, or you’re looking for a family planner to share, you will love Blue Sky’s new 2019-20 Parent Planner.


The Parent Planner 2019-2020

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Personalized for Parents

"While We're Out" Add-On

Love the idea of the Parent Planner, but had your heart set on creating a personalized planner? We’ve created a Parent Planning Add-On just for you… Now you can include the “While We’re Out” child care resource booklet to your personalized planner or notebook. Keep track of emergency contacts, favorite take-out food, approved and unapproved activities, and so much more! Start personalizing your new planner today!

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