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Habits…We All Have Them.

Good habits, bad habits, and the habits we know we need to change. We’ve developed the Habit Tracker to give you the tools you need to stay motivated and accomplish your goals. So, whether you want to keep a good habit going, like being on-time to work, or break bad habits like forgetting to eat more fruits and veggies, our habit tracker guide is for you!

New this season, the Habit Tracker is non-dated and comes with 12 monthly sections that allow you to track up to 5 habits per month with daily checklists to track your consistency and hold yourself accountable. Each month starts with space for note-taking, dot grids for doodles and brain dumps, and journaling your progress through the start, middle, and end of each goal. Each month ends with a recap, reflection, and ratings using the silver foil stars that are part of the 2 pages of motivational stickers which come with your Habit Tracker. The weekly pages include 7 days of planning, as well as action steps, tips and tricks to stay motivated, and a large dot grid section. Don’t know where to start? The Habit Tracker comes with thought-starters and examples of how to use the guided content to maximize your goal setting, and craft a vision for your best self. You can do this!

Included in your weekly/monthly habit tracker

  • Motivational Tips, Tricks, and Quotes
  • Snap-in Ruler/Bookmark
  • 2 Pages of Silver Foil Motivational Stickers
  • Thought-Starters and Guided Content
  • Vision for the Year for Goal Setting
  • Monthly Tracking with Journaling and Checklists
  • Weekly Tracking with Notes Sections, Action Plans, and Dot Grids
  • Monthly Recaps and Reflection
  • End of Year Reflection
  • 12-Month Non-Dated Habit Tracker Guide