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Specialty-Fitness AY19-20

Aspire to Be the Best Version of You...

Do you dream of being #swimsuitready 365 days a year? Do you have that friend who constantly reminds you that you should make fitness a priority in your life, because they’ve chosen a healthier lifestyle? They go to spin class at 5am, drink 8 cups of water a day, and avoid sugar, dairy, and wheat. And if you’re really being honest with yourself, you’re a little envious. Every time that you start a new fitness regimen, whether it is a New Year’s resolution or an impending vacation, it’s been so hard to stay motivated to accomplish your goals. But not anymore…

Reaching your fitness goals won’t be easy, but it is no longer impossible with the new 2019 fitness planner. Use your new monthly weekly planner as a food and fitness journal to keep track of all your meals and workout activities. A daily fitness log will help you remember which days to schedule cardio, various muscle groups, and strength training. At the end of each week you’ll also have a section to reflect on your weekly fitness goals and learnings. You’ll be inspired to keep going each month with a motivational quote and a monthly goals check-in to see how much you’ve achieved.


The Fitness Planner 2019

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Personalize + Fitness Tracking

Fitness Add-On Pages

Want to track your fitness progress, but you really want to create a personalized cover? Build your personalized planner with our FREE add-on fitness pages and have the best of both worlds. From logging your daily exercise and water intake, to monitoring your progress toward your weight and measurements, our fitness pages provide 12 months of fitness support. Motivational stickers to mark your progress throughout the year and an annual reflection section make this add-on a weight-loss life saver!

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