disposable face mask in blue with ear loop and 3-layer protection against dirt and dust, adjustable nose piece.
50 pack of disposable, single-use face masks featuring soft, odorless material, ear loops, blue, and not for medical use
3 disposable non-woven face masks in blue with ear loops, 3-layer protection, not intended for medical use
4 disposable, single-use face masks in blue, featuring 3 layers of protection, ear loop, and not for medical use.

Disposable Face Mask - 50 Pieces/Carton
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Help halt the spread of germs and shield yourself with a personal protective face mask. This breathable face mask provides 3 layers of protection with elastic ear loops for a comfortable fit. Not for medical use. Limit 10 cartons per customer. Please contact customer service for bulk order inquires. All sales are final.

  • Item Number: 128601
  • Construction:3 Layers, Adjustable Nose Piece, Elastic Ear Loops
  • Material: 70% Non-wovens, 30% Meltblown cloth
  • Size: Adult
  • Storage: Avoid heat over 40° C or 104° F
  • Made in China
  • Not for medical use

This 3-layer disposable face mask is made of air-filtering fibers that help guard your health and well-being. The first layer of this protective mask is made of a non-woven fiber that blocks visible droplets, a second layer of meltblown non-woven fiber to filter non-oily particles, and a third layer of superfine soft fiber that helps keep the skin dry. Sized for adults, the nose piece allows you to adjust the mask to fit your face, and elastic ear loops provide a secure fit for overall comfort.

Non-medical grade disposable face masks help filter out dust, bacteria, smoke and pollen, but do not eliminate the exposure to the risk of any disease or infection. These masks are meant for single use and should be properly disposed of after each use. Wash your hands before removing the mask from its packaging and check the condition of the mask prior to use. If the mask is damaged, please discard and do not use. Keep in a cool, dry place. Please see the carton for further instructions on how to properly place the mask on your face. Not for medical use. All sales are final.