Blue Sky Green Earth™

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Blue Sky Green Earth™

  • Navy 2024-2025 5x8 Weekly Monthly Planner for Blue Sky Green Earth $12.99

  • Nolana 2024-2025 8.5x11 Weekly Monthly Planner for Blue Sky Green Earth $14.99

  • Ombre Beach 2024-2025 5x8 Weekly Monthly Planner for Blue Sky Green Earth $11.99

  • Wall Calendar 2024-2025 11x8.75 for Blue Sky Green Earth $6.99

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Blue Sky Green Earth™

Why FSC®
Certified Paper?

This ensures our paper comes from responsibly managed forests that protect biodiversity, worker & community rights.

Why Kraft Packaging?

Our kraft paper is uncoated (this makes it easier to recycle) and made with less processing than standard packaging.

Why No Stickers?

Due to the use of adhesive, most stickers are not reusable or recyclable and will end up in a landfill. We like to keep our products recyclable!

Why Soy-Based Ink?

Soy-based ink is renewable, made from plants and emits less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), compared to traditional ink.

Why Plastic-Free Pages, Tabs & Packaging?

We avoid plastic wherever possible to decrease pollution and keep our products recyclable.

A plant sprouting from soil inside a brown paper bag.

Blue Sky Sustainability in Action

Blue Sky is committed to positively impacting the world around us, from how we manufacture our products, to replenishing the earth and supporting environment awareness. Learn More

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A young woman holding a recycling bin with plastic bottles and a young man holding a young tree plant in a vase

How to Recycle Your Planner

Blue Sky products all have some recyclable elements, click here to learn more about what can be recycled from your planner when you’ve reached the end of the year!

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