Welcome to Blue Sky’s Recycling Guide

Blue Sky cares. We help reduce our environmental footprint by practicing conscious manufacturingand partnering with organizations to promote global reforestation. In 365 days, Blue Sky:

Was able to manufacture 3,000,000 units using paper from FSC certified trees.

Planted 12,000 trees with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to combating deforestation.

Planted more than 150 trees in exchange for shipments we transported as part of our business model.

Blue Sky believes in sustainable forest management and works to engage with thoughtful partners whenproducing our product lines. Together, we’re making sustainability simple.

How to Recycle

Recycling Guide



Separate all components to recycle each part of your planner individually (think bonus features like snap-in rulers – anything other than paper). Wire bindings are recyclable, paper pockets are recyclable, and all dated/non-dated pages without foil or tabs are recyclable.



Recycle all paper without stickers or foil on it (including paper pockets); cut out or remove laminated tabs, sticker sheets, and anything with foil and throw those pieces in the trash.



Recycle all plastic (including bound-in plastic pockets, snap-in rulers, and plastic/flexible covers), as well as your wire binding. If your item has plastic or embellished coverings on the exterior corners, please be sure to remove these elements before recycling!



Remove the outside front and back covers from your planner. Currently, all plastic Blue Sky covers are recyclable and can be placed in the recycling bin. Hardcover, book-bound, and clear pocket covers from our CYO planners cannot be recycled at this time. If you are using any of these types of planners, these covers should be placed in the trash.

Disclaimer: These are general guidelines for recycling your Blue Sky items, and we hope you’ll find them useful! Please check with your local recycling center(s) for any specific questions or related guidelines and best practices for your community. Happy recycling!