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Indigo Foliage 5.875x8.625 Planner Notes Yao Cheng for Blue Sky $13.99

2023-2024 Field Daises 5x8 Planner Yao Cheng for Blue Sky $11.99

About the Collaboration: Yao Cheng

Watercolor artist Yao Cheng proves yet again that art brightens our world. The new 2023- 2024 Yao Cheng for Blue Sky collection brings pastel perfection to your school year planning, and we are beyond thrilled to partner with the immensely talented, Columbus, Ohio-based designer.

Since 2011, Yao Cheng Design has delighted the art world with paintings of delicate flowers and famous city skylines, all reimagined in vivid hues and modern brushstrokes. The results are unforgettable and her designs truly come to life in our latest collection. In addition to the two large planners offered here, more sizes and patterns are waiting to be discovered at Target stores and

“Art has the power to brighten our day, even in the smallest of ways. Bringing beautiful, joyful art along with you as you organize your day is a great way to enjoy the wonders of this craft. As the artist, it is a delight to be able to share my love for painting with you in this way.”- Yao Cheng