Which Planner Layout is Best For You?

Blue Sky’s 2024 planners follow a traditional yearly calendar, starting in January of 2024 and ending in December of 2024. This season, we offer 5 planner layouts in a variety of sizes and designs to suit everyone’s planning style. 

Weekly Planning

Our most popular layout, this classic planner works for professionals, parents, or anyone who needs to manage their to-dos on a 2-page spread that covers all 7 days of the week.

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Weekly To-Do Planning plus 50 Sheets of Notes

If you love to take notes, but don’t want to sacrifice weekly planning – Life-Note It® is perfect for you! This hybrid planner and notebook focuses on weekly planning, to-do lists and goal setting, while offering the most notes pages EVER!

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Daily Planning

With a page for every day of the year, this layout is perfect for multitaskers! Each day features a to-do column and an hourly column for maximum productivity, plus room for all your daily to-dos and appointments.

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Monthly Planning

Less is more with this streamlined planner layout that features 2-page monthly spreads and a whole lot of notes. Lightweight and easy to use, this a fan-favorite among our professional planner customers.

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Appointment Planning

A must-have for small business owners, whether you run a salon, restaurant, or simply have a jam-packed day! Our appointment planners display the week on a 2-page spread, with vertical columns in 15 minute increments from 7am to 9:45pm for each day, plus an extra column for notes.

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